Adult Missions Discipleship Groups

Missions discipleship empowers adults to become more effective witnesses in their world. When adults explore current missions efforts around the world, delve into the biblical mandate for missions, and become personally involved, they clearly see their responsibility to take the gospel to the nations. 

As adults grow and learn....

  • they seek out needs in their communities and become involved in meeting those needs
  • they view the missions stories as points of prayer and as practical examples of what they can do in their own communities
  • get involved in opportunities to live out their faith in a tangible way.

Select a group below to learn more about the curriculum and resources available for your church.



Women on Mission®

Women on Mission is a missions discipleship group designed to equip adult women in becoming active disciples of Christ as they live on mission for Him. Women on Mission members seek to live out missions through missions projects, ministries, prayer, giving, and Bible study. It involves bringing women to salvation, church membership, growing spiritually, equipping women for ministry, and helping women to be on mission, as well as mentoring the next generations.


Missions 4 Men is the process of joining God where He is at work in the lives of the men in your church. There is no cookie cutter approach to how to do men’s work in your church. It is an ongoing process of taking men where they are in their walk with the Lord and helping them move closer to Him. It involves bringing men to salvation, church membership, growing spiritually, equipping men for ministry, and helping men to be on mission, as well as mentoring the next generations.

Adults on Mission

Adults on Mission is a coed organization for adults. This missions discipleship group prepares men and women to work together to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to hear God’s call. Most Adults on Mission groups are activity-based, so the groups can be formed to meet an identified need in your community or when an existing small group decides to become involved in missions. Groups can also be formed around natural networks or affiliations (such as professions) or around life issues (such as parenting or retirement).

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The KentuckyWMU team is available to answer any questions you may have about WMU or our age-level curriculum. Please feel free to contact us for consultations, resources, workshops, and more.

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