Leadership Development

Where Leadership and Missions Meet

When WMU established the WMU Training School in 1907 in Louisville, Kentucky, to train women for Christian ministry and missions, it embarked on the task of equipping women for the sake of the Gospel.

Today, we stand committed to walk alongside women, students, men, and all missions leaders in their leadership development. Our desire is to help you create an environment in your church that keeps the Great Commission Priority and mobilizes all ages to live on mission.

  • If you have a new leader that needs orientation and training, call us to set up a one-on-one training.
  • If you are a leader of leaders, call us to setup a regional or associational pop-up training.
  • If you lead on an Associational or Local Church level, join us at LeadWell.
  • If you are an individual seeking personal development, the Christian Women’s Leadership Center and our Online Training sessions can enrich your leadership skills.


One-on-One Training

Need person training or consultation? Contact Kentucky WMU to set up a consultation with one of our state staff or regional trainers. 

Pop-Up Training

Would you like to set up a training for your group leaders? Contact us to set up a regional/local one-day Age-level training. Group specific training determined by needs. 


Would you like to network with other Associational and local church WMU missions leaders? LeadWell provides leadership training, WMU training, and much more.

Online Training

Are you looking for on-the-spot training? We have a variety of training videos for you to enrich your leadership journey. View our video training library and get plugged in today!

Christian Women’s Leadership Center

Christian Women’s Leadership Center exists to help Christian women discover and develop their leadership gifts and skills.

Our holistic learning experiences will help you serve more effectively, as God calls you in life, the marketplace, and the church

CWLC’s online courses available on christianleaderlearning.com are developed to help you improve your leadership skills and gifts.

Each course provides interactive assignments to deepen your learning. Assignments include reading assignments, watching short instructional videos, and completing online reflections. Once you sign up for a course, it is available to you for 30 days and you can complete the assignments at your own pace within that 30 days.

Cost per course range from $20-$30

For a complete list of course offerings, visit christianleaderlearning.com.

Courses Offered:

​​Christian Job Corp

  • CWJC/CMJC: An Overview
  • CWJC/CMJC Advisory Council and Board Member Training-Individual
  • Getting to Know CWJC/CMJC: Level 1 Prerequisite Training
  • CWJC/CMJC Mentor Training-Individual

Project Help

  • Mental Health: The Church's Response
  • Refugees: The Church's Response
  • Human Trafficking: The Church's Response
  • Poverty: The Church's Response

Compassion Ministries

  • WMU Compassion Ministries - An Overview
  • WorldCrafts: An Overview
  • Pure Water, Pure Love: An Overview


Leadership Foundations

  • A Sense of Call to Leadership
  • Biblical and Theological Foundations of Leadership
  • Follower Skills
  • Leadership Skills: 5 Essential Leadership Skills for Women
  • Servant Leadership
  • Spiritual Formation as a Leader
  • Women Leaders from the Past
  • Intentional Living

Missional Foundations

  • A Gospel for All Cultures
  • The Story of Missions

Missions Discipleship

  • WMU: An Overview
  • Spiritual Formation for Students

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