Churchwide Missions

WMU can help lead the entire congregation to be involved in missions. This approach can add to what you are already doing in missions, create intentionality for the church to learn, pray, support, and do missions, and provide additional educational opportunities for all church members to engage in missions. 

Good to Know: In some churches the role of WMU can be carried out by the Missions Committee, this all depends on how your church is structured. 

In Matthew chapter 28, Jesus commands us to "Go and Make disciples of all Nations....". As we know it, the Great Commission is not a suggestion for Christ Followers, it's a mandate. How do can you help your fellow church members take responsibility to do their part in advancing the Gospel in Kentucky?

Take a look at some options and resources below to educate and involve your church in missions! 



Mission Resources
WMU provides resources for people of all ages. These resources help your church learn, pray, give, and serve missions. The missions material provided by WMU coordinates with the overall SBC calendar and helps church members understand how our church cooperates with the large SBC family and supports missionaries sent through SBC Agencies: IMB, NAMB, and Send Relief.  


  • Missions Leader - is the ultimate planning tool for all things missions in the 2024–25 church year!


  • Missions for Life - provides 12 months of missions discipleship for adult small groups, family groups, and individuals. Missions for Life is a great missions discipleship resource for small membership churches that need intergenerational discipleship curriculum.

Missions Discipleship

WMU advocates for a model of discipleship that focuses on making disciples who make disciples; No matter how old you are. We have tools to equip each generation to live on mission; from the nursery to the senior's classroom. There is an opportunity for all to learn about missions. 

Missions in Small Churches

WMU hopes to meet the needs of every church. No matter how small, your church can be actively involved in missions. Resources and Curriculum allows for customization no matter if you have 20 volunteers or one. Whether or not you purchase all the kits or poste packs, you can still have a robust ministry. 

Missions Experiences

There are multiple ways to engage your congregation on Missions. Some send groups overseas on mission. Others develop large ministry centers out of the church. No matter what you are doing, there is always an opportunity to engage your children, students and adults in hands-on missions locally and across the state. Every church CAN be on mission and WMU can help! We have pre-packaged mission trip experiences for children and students, training events, and missions/evangelism conferences. All you have to do is load the church van and participate. 


>> Learn more about what National WMU offers to engage your church in missions!

Season of Prayer for Kentucky Missions and the Eliza Broadus Offering

The Gospel at Home is the 2024-2025 theme for Kentucky missions emphasis, which consists of two components: the Week of Prayer for Kentucky Missions and the Eliza Broadus Offering. During this special emphasis, WMU of Kentucky, the Kentucky Baptist Convention (KBC), KBC Missionaries, evangelistic ministries, and compassion ministries are sincerely grateful for your leadership and support.

For more information about the season of prayer or how to order your posters, prayer guides and envelopes, click here...

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