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To support missions means to promote an interest in the cause of missions and those involved in missions in order to fulfill the mission of God. People show concern for others by supporting missionaries, missions partners, and missions work through their giving and encouragement. Also, people support missions through emphasizing the need for individuals to become involved in mission service and nurturing those whom God calls to mission service. Supporting missions is a practical way for a church to participate in missions. 

WMU encouraging churches and provides opportunities to: 

  • Provide financial support of missions work
  • Encouraging church responsibility for Missionary Care
  • Creating an environment for people to hear and respond to God's call
  • Nurture individuals who respond to God's call to mission service


Providing Financial Support

Providing financial support of missions work being conducted by members of a church and through cooperative missions efforts with other churches and missions entities is essential.

Missions Offerings & Week of Prayer

Financial support of missions includes giving to missions work being done by a church as well as missions entities to which a church relates. Giving to missions is one way a church can be involved with other believers in supporting international, national, state, and local/associational missions. Kentucky WMU promotes giving to the following missions offerings:

  • the Cooperative Program
  • Eliza Broadus Offering for State Missions*
  • Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions*
  • Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions*
  • Your local/associational Missions Offering

*Your Kentucky WMU office provides the envelopes, posters, and prayer guides for these missions offering. Learn more about the promotional materials here or place your order below. 

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Missionary Care

Furnishing personal ministries to missionaries and their families allows churches to keep in touch with missionaries and feel they have responsibility for the wellbeing of missionaries. Through missionary care we challenge churches to care well for their IMB, NAMB, Send Relief, and KY MSC missionaries. Learn how you can care well for those who have answered God's call to the mission field. 

Ministries To Missionaries Offering

You have the opportunity to bless the IMB career missionaries, who call Kentucky home, beyond your gifts to Lottie Moon. When you give to the Ministries to Missionaries Offering you help provide: 

  • Christmas gifts of $50 to international missionaries whose home state is Kentucky
  • MK Gifts of $100 each fall and spring are provided for children of Kentucky international  career missionaries enrolled in Kentucky colleges
  • Gifts of $100 to new career international missionary appointees from Kentucky
  • Provide the resources for the Kentucky ​Missionary Parents Fellowship, so that missionary parents can gather for encouragement. 
  • Provide the funds to pay for flights to send returning MKs to the  annual Missionary Re-entry Retreat

These ministries are funded through a special offering taken at the Kentucky WMU Annual Meeting and other WMU events. However, you may give to this ministry throughout the year by clicking the donate button.

Missionary Housing

National WMU maintains a database of housing available for Southern Baptist missionaries in the US on stateside assignment.

Housing is sponsored by SBC churches or associations for missionaries appointed through the International Mission Board. Missionaries makes arrangements directly with the sponsoring body.

If you or your church would like to provide Missionary Housing, we encourage you to do so. There is always a need for Missionary Housing and automobiles when missionaries are here on stateside, in fact there is a shortage in missionary housing. 

Want to learn more? Please contact Kentucky WMU at [email protected] for additional information on how to get your home "missionary ready". 

Ready to sign up your Missionary House? Email [email protected] to sign up today. 

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Adopt a Missionary

Do you want an exciting and meaningful boost for your church? Do you want your church or small group to be more involved in missions? Do you want to “get to know” a missionary? WMU is partnering with KBC Missions Mobilization to promote the “adopt a missionary” program!

When you adopt a Kentucky Missionary you commit to

  • Pray for the missionary;
  • Communicate and encourage them by telephone, letter, email or card;
  • Send a birthday or holiday care package;
  • Visit their ministry and assist with the work;
  • Invite them to share in your church or small group; and
  • Meet a need the missionary may have. 

Create an a Missions Mobilizing Environment

Through its missions groups and congregational emphases on missions, a church provides situations in which its members can hear and respond to God’s call to mission service. Providing information and opportunities for people to understand the biblical mandate for the gospel to be shared with all peoples, to be aware of the people throughout the world who need to hear the gospel, to realize the need for missions personnel, and to recognize that God calls out believers to share the gospel with those who need to hear it.

Missions focused resources

WMU, SBC. develops and produces resources entirely centered around our missions sending agencies. They provide these resources in partnership with IMB, NAMB, and Send Relief. These resources are designed to help keep the Great Commission and the Southern Baptist mission call front and center in our churches. 

Churches can use these resources to create ongoing situations in which one learns of current missions work or where they can personally participate. This approach creates a readiness and urgency for people to see the need for and hear God's call to mission service.

These situations could include: missions fairs, missions feature wall, prayer wall, lunch and learns, missions groups, etc. 

Contact Kentucky WMU if you are looking for ideas or resources at [email protected].

Ready to look through resources? Go to the WMU Store online. 

Nurturing Those Who Respond to God's Call


Responding to God’s call to mission service is an individual response. WMU desires for churches to encourage and minister to those who have responded to God's call. Nurturing may take place in missions experiences within a church or a family. Participation in associational, state, and national missions-related retreats and conferences provides opportunities for a person to meet missionaries, gain insight about missions work, and develop skills for mission service thus helping them see the world through a Biblical worldview. 

Missions Exposure

Do you know someone who is considering pursuing missions or has responded to God's call? Encourage them by walking along side them in their missions journey. Invite them to missions-related retreats and conference that provide training opportunities and exposure to missionaries. Sponsor a mission trip for them. Go with them to share the Gospel in their neighborhood. There are so many things your church can do to nurture those called to missions. 

Kentucky WMU offers: 

  • Missions Celebration & Annual Meeting (All ages)
  • GA JAM (for Girls - missions gathering)
  • RA EXPO (for boys - missions campout)
  • Changers Kids (Hands-on missions for kids)
  • Explore (Expanding a Biblical Worldview for kids)
  • Thrive (Teen Girls - missions retreat)
  • Student Changers (Hands-on missions for students)
  • Adult Changers (Hands-on missions for adults)
  • Proclaim (Adult Women- Missions Conference)
  • Missions4Men Rally (Students & Adult Men - Missions Rally)

Kentucky Baptist Convention offers: 

  • YES (Student Evangelism Conference)
  • REACH Evangelism and Missions Conference


  • Women's Evangelism Conference


  • Missionary Appointment Services