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Check out the material before you buy!

To "Try a Sample" of the material click on the link below. This link will give you access to download a free starter pack for the mission group you are interested in. 

The Starter Pack will give you:

  • A brief overview of the missions group you selected
  • A How To Start Missions Discipleship resource
  • A list of the resources that complements your selected group
  • A Sample Session and the activities for that session
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If you are ready to order missions discipleship resources don't miss out on the discount? Check your Starter Pack for the 20% discount for New Customers. If you have not yet downloaded the "Try a Sample" starter pack, please do that first. This pack will give you the steps to order your materials on page 3. 


​Missions Leader: WMU Planning Guide
(perfect for planners)

Missions Leader 2023–24 is the ultimate planning tool for all things missions in the 2023–24 church year!

Missions Leader gives you

  • what you need for annual and quarterly planning of missions discipleship and involvement,
  • ideas and plans for growing and developing your leadership team,
  • the big picture of WMU’s missions discipleship curriculum study plan for the year, and
  • ways to be involved in missions through compassion ministries.

This comprehensive guide provides practical ideas you can use and modify to fit the needs of your church and help everyone in your church grow in their understanding of and passion for missions.

Missions for Life
(perfect for smaller churches or a churchwide approach)

Missions for Life provides 12 months of missions discipleship for adult small groups, family groups, and individuals. Missions for Life is a great missions discipleship resource for small membership churches that need intergenerational discipleship curriculum.

Each monthly unit includes a Bible study, a mission study* featuring an SBC ministry or missionary, a prayer guide, project ideas for adult groups and families, and a special missions or SBC emphasis topic (global hunger, weeks of prayer, Children’s Missions Day, etc.).

Printed on an annual basis but non-dated. Also available in Spanish.