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Since 1878, WMU has walked alongside local churches to strengthen missions awareness and action in their people. At KentuckyWMU, we seek to continue this legacy.

KentuckyWMU hopes to partner well: helping you lead your church(s) towards gospel obedience in your community and beyond. Because of your gifts to the Cooperative Program, we can provide all Kentucky Baptist churches with tools, resources, and opportunities to make meaningful Missions Discipleship in our churches.

We understand that every church is different and may have a unique approach to missions; our desire is not to change what you already do but to enrich it by infusing missions into your church DNA. This booklet gives you an overview of the current resources and opportunities offered by KentuckyWMU. Our resources help each church member engage in the mission of God in his or her unique context.

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What we provide?

Missions Discipleship Groups
WMU provides a program for missions discipleship small groups for all ages - from preschoolers to adults. WMU also provides coordinating resources to help you make disciples who make the Great Commission priority. 

Hands-on Missions
KentuckyWMU provides pre-planned missions opportunities for your kids and students ministries. All you have to do it register a group and we will handle the rest!  

Leadership Training
WMU aims to infuse leadership development in everything we do. From online, on-demand courses to print and digital resources to in-person training, WMU offers a variety of opportunities for discovering and expanding one’s leadership skills and spiritual gifts.

State Missions Resources
WMU provides you with information and promotion material so you can help your church know how believers around the state are advancing the Gospel. Your gifts to the Eliza Broadus State Missions Offering promotes the missions and ministry efforts of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, Kentucky Baptist Associations, Special Ministries, and WMU. 

EBO Missions Grants
Because you give to EBO, WMU can provide missions/ministry grants to Kentucky Baptist Associations and Special Ministries-with Kentucky Baptist affiliation to help fund special missions/ministry projects in their area. Associations, local churches, and special community ministries can apply for these missions grants. 

WMU seeks to support college students in their academic journey. Do you know of a man or woman hoping to pursue a ministry or missions degree? Have them contact us to learn more about our scholarships. Annual deadline is Feb 15. 

Compassion Ministry Resources
WMU offers you the opportunity to help your church directly help suffering people throughout the world. WMU has resources to create awareness and encourage the churches response to social issues including: poverty, human exploitation, refugees, humanitarian aid, vulnerable children, and mental health. 

Personal Missions Assessment
We desire for all believers to be intentional about missions through their personal discipleship, prayer life, giving, witness, and action. We provide an assessment and workshop that help identify one's strengths in their missions discipleship and areas for growth. 

Missionary Care
Beyond the three missions offerings, KentuckyWMU provides special opportunities to care for missionaries and their families. Learn how you can lead your church to care well for our Kentucky Missionaries. 

Do you really know what WMU is all about? Debunk the myths and learn more below. 

Why WMU?

Whether you have only "heard" things about WMU, or only remember when your mom was involved, get a clear understanding of what WMU is for today's church.

Establishing WMU in your Church

Do you want to enrich your approach to missions in your church? Consider establishing a WMU to come alongside you to help carry out your vision.  

Taking Your First Step

How is the Lord directing you to lead your church in missions discipleship? There are multiple approached you can take. Identify what works best for your church and let's "Go Forward!".

What is the agenda of a mission group meeting?

Determining the effectiveness of church programing is key to the health of a church. WMU also has expectations for a group to be considered "thriving". Click on the link below to learn more. 

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