The Executive Board of Kentucky Woman’s Missionary Union is composed of the officers, Executive Director-Treasurer, and three members from each of the eight regions of the state. The President of Baptist Nursing Fellowship, the Development Specialist, and the Royal Ambassador/Challenger representative are ex-officio members. The Board governs the work of Kentucky WMU between Annual Meetings. The Executive Director-Treasurer is responsible for providing general administrative guidance to Kentucky WMU according to the Bylaws, Executive Board Policy Manual, and specific plans and goals of the Executive Board.
Nominees for the office of the president, vice president, and recording secretary are presented by the Nominating Committee and elected by Kentucky Woman’s Missionary Union members during the annual meeting each year. The officers may serve a total of four years, but they must be elected each year. Nominees must be a member of WMU in a local church and elected at the Kentucky WMU Annual Meeting. 
During the annual meeting each year, three board members from each area are elected. They may serve a total of three years, but they must be elected each year. (Exception: See Bylaws, Part 1, Article III, Section 1, B.) One person from each area rotates off each year. For additional information on the work of the Executive Board, please see the Bylaws, Parts 1 and 2.


If you are interested in serving as a Board Member on the Kentucky WMU Executive Board or if you know of someone who would be interested in serving as a Board Member, please submit the following nomination form for review. Send to Denise Gardner at [email protected].   ​


Regular meetings of the Executive Board shall be held three times a year (winter meeting for Executive Committee only), the dates, time, and place to be designated by the President and Executive Director-Treasurer. If you need help or have questions concerning registration, hotels, meals, general schedule or reimbursements, please contact Denise Gardner at [email protected].     ​

Linda Cooper
President, Kentucky WMU
[email protected]

Liz Encinia, DSL
Executive Director-Treasurer
[email protected]