Kentucky Changers Ministry Team is designed for young adults (preferably college-aged students) who are, or might be, called to ministry. Team Members have the opportunity to serve as student leaders by mentoring younger participants on project sites, helping to prepare and host the nightly worship sessions, hosting free time activities, and providing helping hands behind the scenes. 



How to Apply:

  1. Complete the forms required for every Changer,
  2. Complete an application form and return it by
    • by email at [email protected],
    • or by mail to 
      • Kentucky Changers
        Kentucky WMU
        13420 Eastpoint Centre Dr.
        Louisville, KY 40223


  • have a relationship with Jesus Christ
  • be at least 17 yrs & in the 12th grade or above by Dec. 1
  • be an active church member
  • participate regularly in missions project, activities, experiences, etc
  • agree to serve at least FIVE weeks during Summer 2024

Weeks of Service:

  • Orientation Weekend
  • Prep Week in Louisville at the KentuckyWMU Office
  • Weeks of Kentucky Changers Summer Projects
    •  June 15-21 in Albany


       June 22-28 in Henry County

       July 6– 12in Maysville

We're Here To Help. Contact Us.

The KentuckyWMU team is available to answer any questions you may have about WMU or Changers. Please feel free to contact us for consultations, resources, workshops, and more.

Joe Ball
Missions Strategist: Men & Changers
(502) 489-3451
[email protected]

13420 Eastpoint Centre Dr.
Louisville, Kentucky 40223
(502) 489-3534
[email protected]

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